Circuit Media Brings Green Values Home With New Campaign, Handbook

Denver, March 5, 2021Circuit Media, a certified green communications and design firm based in Denver, wants to take sustainable values with us while we work from home. CM Green is proud to announce new initiatives and tools to transform our homes into eco-friendly remote work spaces to improve overall sustainability while improving the quality of life in our communities. 

In order to keep sustainability at the forefront of our practices, CM Green created a free, downloadable handbook to integrate sustainable values into our home office environments. CM Green’s Green Home Handbook offers a comprehensive and achievable plan to implement sustainable practices at home. The downloadable PDF handbook breaks down best practices room-by-room, helping users choose environmentally friendly products and practices for every aspect of the home, from the kitchen to a home office. CM Green also included suggestions to bring sustainability best practices into your outdoor spaces and community. 

“Sustainability is not only a commitment to the environment – it’s a commitment to each other. As we add new products and campaigns to CM Green, we widen the scope of both sustainability in our home offices and our company at large,” Circuit Media CEO and CM Green Program Manager Rebecca Askew said. “Our Triple Bottom Line philosophy places people and our planet alongside our business initiatives, and these programs are designed to have an eco-friendly impact on both our work and play.”

Circuit Media is a Certifiably Green Denver Business’ through the City of Denver’s Department of Environmental Health and has transformed its office space in order to optimize resource management. CM Green has partnered with the city for previous campaigns, including “Shake It, Don’t Waste It,” a single-use paper waste mitigation campaign for Earth Day 2018.

CM Green supports the idea that sustainability is not only earth friendly, but people friendly too. CM Green released a new browser extension, BrainBrake, to encourage the wellbeing of individuals by digitally reminding them to stand, move around, and address other health needs at regular intervals. Following CDC guidelines for computer usage, BrainBrake targets common concerns like eyestrain, circulatory issues, and back pain. BrainBrake uniquely addresses users by meeting them where they already are – looking at their screen.

Circuit Media invites you to join in creating healthier workspaces and communities by downloading Green Home Handbook on the CM Green website and BrainBrake on the Chrome extension store. 

Stay tuned for upcoming CM Green blog posts, campaigns, and events at To learn more about our sustainability initiatives, visit us online.