Shake it, Don't Waste it

Just use one paper towel to reduce waste, save trees and keep water clean

As a certified green company through the City and County of Denver, Circuit Media is promoting a greener and cleaner community by reducing paper towel waste. If we can convince every American to use one paper towel per day, we would keep 571,230,000 pounds of trash out of landfills every year. In order to accomplish this, we are taking to heart the mantra of Oregon lawyer and environmentalist Joe Smith : “Shake 12 times and fold and dry.” Or more simply put: “Shake it, Don’t Waste it.” Circuit Media is promoting this message in businesses, schools and homes. The ultimate goal is to keep paper out of landfills, reduce the use of natural resources to produce those paper towels and reduce human impact on the land.”

Social Media

We have created the following graphics and animations for the @cm_green Instagram account. In addition to liking, commenting and sharing the @cm_green Instagram posts, you can download images to help spread the movement through their own social media accounts.

Step by step on proper way to wash your hands with paper towel
Poster with a fact about how many tree are cut down to produce a roll of paper towels
Fact about how much water is used to produce a roll of paper towels
Poster with a fact about how much water is used to produce a roll of paper towels
Sticker of a fact about how many trees are killed to produce paper towels
A brown and white dog with a blue bandana sitting on a couch


We developed eye-catching designs for a number of marketing collateral, such as stickers, posters, t-shirts, and dog bandanas. Prior to designing, we extensively brainstormed what could comprise a comprehensive marketing package that would be practical, unique, and effective for both the initiative and campaign. You can download the free poster and sticker designs to help spread the movement


A core part of the “Shake It, Don’t Waste It” campaign is spreading our waste-reduction motto and convincing as many people as possible to save water and keep trash out of landfills by reducing their paper towel waste. We decided there was no better way to do that than to reach people who opt for green transportation as well and have them help us spread the word.

A red B-Cycle with a Circuit Media Green graphic on the basket
A woman with a jean jacket and black jeans walking a B-cycle bike with a circuit media green graphic on the basket

Video Production & Animation

Circuit Media videographers and animators created  short videos to give life to the number of facts surrounding paper towel waste and reduction.