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Hit the breaks with BrainBrake

Circuit Media Green created a browser extension, BrainBrake, which is compatible with popular browsers including Edge, Safari, and Chrome. The extension supports one of the company’s greater goals to encourage the health and wellbeing of the individual. BrainBrake alerts computer users of their health needs by digitally reminding them to stand, walk, move, or to otherwise address any health concerns at regular intervals. Our team followed CDC recommendations to create the most up-to-date health prompts designed to target eyestrain, back pain, circulation issues, and wellness issues that often plague computer users. BrainBrake uniquely addresses users by meeting them where they already are – looking at their screen.


Easy Login 

After installing BrainBrake on your favorite browser, enter your name and email to login to the system.

Customizable Themes

Choose your theme next – you can toggle between three different color combinations to see what you like best or what’s easiest for you to see on your screen.

Choose Theme
Choose Frequency

Set Your Reminders 

Select the 20/20/20, 1 hour, or 1.5 hour reminders to be alerted to stand, get up, move, or look away from your screen at Center for Disease Control (CDC) approved intervals. To learn more about each reminder and how they’ll best serve your digital health, you can scroll over or click on that option before you set it.

Enjoy Taking A Break

You’re all set to start enjoying BrainBrake! 


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