Trend forecast for 2022: Saving the Planet with Eco-Friendly Actions

Consumers are choosing sustainable choices in business and the message is becoming clear to companies. According to consumer insights company Nielsen, there has been a near-50% jump in sustainable product sales in 2021, as compared to 2014. That 50% jump makes up almost a quarter of all global sales. Keeping an eye on the future can help businesses keep up with the demand. Here are some eco friendly trends to look out for over the next year: 

  1. Climate-positive emissions. More companies are shifting toward net-zero carbon emissions. Big names like Verizon, Ikea, and Microsoft pledged zero carbon emissions as soon as 2030. But climate positivity is the next big step. Companies will adopt business models that create environment-friendly benefits. Expect more companies to remove waste byproducts, recycle and capture carbon from the atmosphere. 
  2. Remote work will remain popular: What is the best way for companies to make a quick impact on their communities while lowering their overhead? By reducing the commutes and energy consumption of their workforce. As companies switched to an at-home model due to COVID-19, we saw unforeseen benefits for the planet as workers consumed less resources. As the economy picks back up, expect to see many workers stay at home. 
  3. Renewable energy will become the fuel of the future. A decade ago, 100% renewable energy may have seemed like a distant dream. Now, we’re seeing renewable energy sources drop in price and increase in popularity. Solar power is now cheaper than coal — you can expect to see a big shift toward renewable energy use at corporations. 

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