Law Week Digital

It started with a small working group in 2020. Our editorial and design staff at Law Week Colorado, Circuit Media’s in-house legal publication, began looking into digital editions of the paper. After a 20-year, print-first run, we examined our paper consumption more closely.

The staff worked with leadership teams and determined the company couldn’t continue to waste valuable resources on print production. So we decided to meet our subscribers where they already are — online.

The Move

In 2021, our team started the long and complex process of moving all of Law Week’s articles and assets over to a new site that would support us more in multimedia and general utility. Our new site could also support the addition of a paywall, allowing us to maintain the same subscription service we had before. 

Supporting People and the Planet

Law Week’s digital transition aligned with Circuit Media’s broader desire to support people and the planet. People remain at the forefront of most of what we do at Law Week, and our reporting, investigative pieces and specialty issues all focus on the central theme of bringing critical news to our subscribers and community. The planet was also a primary focus for the paper, and in the transition to a digital-only news product, we’ve pivoted our focus to fully remove paper waste from production. 

Delivering More News and Less Paper

Law Week’s digital edition delivers much more than just allowing subscribers to easily access our content, but our first promise to subscribers is to deliver more news with less paper. The move to digital-only production allows our team to report in real-time for the legal community in Colorado. In addition to reducing our carbon footprint, the switch to digital means our readers don’t need to wait for the next paper delivery to get the news they need. 

A computer desktop featuring Law Week Colorado's Issue M Page