Hitting the Brakes with BrainBrake

Is screen time getting you down? Circuit Media Green designed a new extension to increase
computer user’s health and productivity.

Our new browser extension, BrainBrake, reminds users to stand, walk, move, and stretch at
regular CDC-recommended intervals. Brainbrake’s health prompts are designed to target
health concerns linked to computer usage, like eyestrain, back pain, circulation, and other
wellness issues.

The extension is both adaptable and customizable, available on popular browsers such as
Chrome, Safari, and Edge. After logging into Brainbrake, choose your theme, set your health
reminders, and take a break! Reminder options include 20/20/20, 1 hour, and 1.5 hours, to
accommodate individual work and play styles.

Brainbrake’s goal is also to educate users – users can click on the reminders to learn more
about the health benefits of each. By allowing users to take control of their own health
reminders, Circuit Media Green hopes to inspire people to not only take active steps to better
their online health but to improve all aspects of their well-being and community.

The health of our offices and planet start with us, and our health starts with one small step –
taking a break. We hope you’ll join us!