Circuit Media Launches Environmental Messaging Program

Denver-based company celebrates Earth Day with new green initiative


Circuit Media, a certified green company based in Denver, is turning its focus to environmental messaging with the launch of Circuit Media Green (CM Green) and its first project, “Shake It, Don’t Waste It.” CM Green will be at the 2018 Colorado Earth Day event at the State Capitol on April 21 to promote its message of creating greener and cleaner communities by reducing paper towel waste.

If everyone used just one paper towel per day, 571 million pounds of garbage could be kept out of landfills each year. “Shake It, Don’t Waste It” reduces paper waste, and with it water usage and forest depletion, by encouraging people to shake their hands free of water and use only one paper towel when drying their hands.

“Like many people in Colorado, we at Circuit Media are passionate about the outdoors and the environment. By launching CM Green, we are making conservation a core part of what our company is all about.” Circuit Media CEO and CM Green Program Manager Rebecca Askew said. “A paper towel might seem insignificant, but the cumulative waste has an enormous effect on the environment. We’re encouraging everyone to make a big impact with a small gesture.”

Circuit Media provides graphic design and communications services to organizations in law and government. The launch of CM Green is the company’s first step into the environmental space. Circuit Media has a “Certifiably Green Denver Business” certification through the City of Denver’s Department of Environmental Health. CM Green is currently partnered with the City and County of Denver, Leave No Trace and the Trust for Public Land.

CM Green will be at the 2018 Colorado Earth Day event to share informational materials such as posters and pet bandanas. Anyone unable to attend Earth Day can still get involved by following CM Green on Instagram @CM_Green or share its message on Twitter by using #shakedontwaste and #cmgreen

CM Green is encouraging everyone to come shake hands with us at Earth Day 2018 at the Colorado Capitol or download our Social Media Kit to learn more and help spread our message.

About Circuit Media
Circuit Media opened in Denver in 2002. Led by CEO Rebecca Askew, the company has found a niche in providing graphic design and communications services to organizations in law and government.

In addition to “Shake It, Don’t Waste It,” Circuit Media is the home of Law Week Colorado and Locus Studios.

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About “Shake it, Don’t Waste It”
“Shake It, Don’t Waste It” is the first environmental project by CM Green. Inspired by a TEDxConcordiaUPortland presentation from Oregon lawyer and environmentalist Joe Smith, Circuit Media CEO Rebecca Askew seeks to make the idea of paper towel reduction a daily practice for everyone. Shake your hands before using a paper towel to keep paper towels out of landfills.


Media Contact: Amy Hickcox, Communications Specialist